Conta AND Associates, Inc.


Public Affairs

As a long-time resident of Milwaukee and as President of Conta and Associates, Inc., Mr. Conta has served as a consultant and volunteer on many public and private projects:  

·        Requested by Mayor John Norquist to serve as President of the Board of the Pabst Theater.  Reorganized and strengthened the Board, supervised the renovation of the Theater and the construction of a new lobby and represented the Board in negotiations which conveyed the Theater to the Michael Cudahy Foundation. 

·        Retained by City of Glendale to negotiate the purchase of three projects needed to complete a master plan for the renovation of Bayshore Mall and surrounding residential/commercial construction.   

·        Assisted Professional Account Management, LLC in securing a 10-year contract with the City of Milwaukee to process all parking citations and related collections. 

·        Selected by the MMSD to be Project Director for the Minority Business Development and Training Program from 1992 to 1996.   

·        Assisted American Medical Services in its efforts to modify nursing home rate reimbursement policies with the State of Wisconsin. 

·        Helped secure a ten-year, $300 million telecommunications contract for AT&T with the State of Wisconsin. 

·        Assisted Robert W. Baird & Company in providing underwriting services for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. 

·        Helped Brewery Works, Inc. to lease office space to Milwaukee County governmental agencies. 

·        As a licensed health insurance agent, assisted First Commonwealth/Guardian in providing prepaid dental plans to Milwaukee County, City of Milwaukee, Froedtert Hospital, Quarles & Brady and Milwaukee Public Schools. 

·        As a licensed health insurance agent, assisted Humana in providing health care plans to employees of Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee.   

·        Assisted the Joint Health Care Task Force, a group of Milwaukee’s largest corporations, in developing various health care cost containment strategies. 

·        Assisted Lewin and Associates in studying Graduate Medical Education problems for the State of Wisconsin. 

·        Assisted the Medical College of Wisconsin in developing legislative agendas and political strategies. 

·        Helped the Merrill Lynch Capital Development Corporation of New York to secure a $140 million underwriting contract to provide low income housing loans for Wisconsin residents. 

·        Assisted the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce in developing a five-year economic development plan for the State of Wisconsin. 

·        Assisted Milwaukee County Executive William O’Donnell in examining alternative methods needed to develop a cost-effective storm and sanitary sewer system. 

·        Assisted the Milwaukee County Mental Health Center in redesigning its reimbursement policies and increasing the size of state aids. 

·        Assisted the Milwaukee Industrial Clinics in developing marketing strategies within business and government. 

·        Helped the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company secure support from the Milwaukee Common Council for facility expansion. 

·        Helped Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Inc. develop legislative strategies and advance policies and programs. 

·        Assisted Residuals Management Technology, Inc. in its efforts to provide business and government with high quality environmental control systems. 

·        Represented the Time-Life Corporation as a communication consultant in its efforts to secure support from the City of Milwaukee. 

·        Assisted Warner Amex Cable Communications secure a multi-million dollar City of Milwaukee cable television contract.   

·        Helped Waste Management of Wisconsin improve the effectiveness of its environmental protection programs with the State of Wisconsin. 

·        Helped Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Corporation secure a modification of the state’s treatment of capital gains. 

·        Assisted the Wisconsin Solid Waste Recycling Authority in advancing its policies and programs with the Wisconsin Legislature. 

·        As a registered property and casualty insurance agent, assisted Marsh USA in providing insurance products and services to Milwaukee Public Schools.