Conta AND Associates, Inc.


Legislative Service and Public Policy

During eight years in the Wisconsin Legislature, Mr. Conta authored numerous pieces of major legislation.  

        Wisconsin Industrial Bonding Law:  Permits expanding business and industry in Wisconsin to use municipal bonding authority to secure low interest capital.

        Machinery and Equipment Tax Exemption law:  Removes the state tax applied against machinery and equipment used in the manufacturing process in order to stimulate economic development and growth. 

        Law to create Wisconsin Department of Business Development:  Establishes a cabinet level department to promote industrial development in the State of Wisconsin. 

        Wisconsin Relocation Law:  Provides state subsidies for families and businesses displaced by freeways and other public construction projects.

        Wisconsin Recycling Authority:  Creates a Wisconsin Solid Waste Recycling Authority to promote, develop and construct recycling centers.

        Wisconsin Public Inebriate Treatment law:  Removes public drunkenness from Wisconsin criminal statutes and provides funding for treatment facilities throughout Wisconsin. 

        Wisconsin City/Suburban Transfer Law:  Establishes state fiscal incentives to encourage voluntary integration inside of school districts and between city and suburban school systems.

As Chairman of the Joint Committee on Finance, Mr. Conta was significantly involved in the development and passage of three Wisconsin State Budgets and the development of landmark budgetary legislation in the areas of shared taxes, school aids, social service restructuring and tax reform.

As a member of numerous boards, committees and commissions, Mr. Conta assisted in the research, analysis and implementation and many legislative initiatives, regulatory policies and governmental programs:

        Chairman, Governorís School Finance Task Force

        Chairman, P-5 Advisory Committee for the Milwaukee Public Schools

        Chairman, Joint Committee on Finance, Wisconsin Legislature

        Chairman, Wisconsin Board on Government Operations

        Chairman, Joint Committee on Employment Relations

        Chairman, Wisconsin Claims Board

        Member, Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform

        Member, Milwaukee County Civil Service Commission

        Member, Governorís Quality Education in Metropolitan Milwaukee Task Force

        Member, Wisconsin Strategic Development Commission

        Member, Milwaukee County Private Industry Council

        Member, Board of Directors of Medical College of Wisconsin

        Member, Governorís Task Force on Health Planning and Policy

        Member, Milwaukee Planned Parenthood Advisory Council

        Member, Medical College of Wisconsin Study Commission

        Member, Wisconsin Legislative Council

        Member, Council on Drug Abuse

        Member, Assembly Public Welfare Committee

        Member, Advisory Committee on Milwaukee Public School System

        Member, Governorís Committee on Priorities for Commerce and Industry

        Member, Governorís No-Fault Legislation Advisory Committee

        Member, Commission on State-Local legislation Advisory Committee

        Member, Milwaukee County Community Health Service Project Steering Committee

        Member, Special Committee on Performance and Program Audit Procedures